Welcome to Koro-Koro
Safari Lodge

Recapture the essence of a true safari in the African wilderness by treating your senses to a bush holiday at the Koro-Koro Safari Lodge. Located in the surroundings of the humble African bushveld, the Lodge summons the spirit of the olden days in a tranquil environment. The Lodge is located less than 20 km from Bela Bela where you can enjoy the peace of relaxing in the real Bushveld. The area is the home to many bird species and is ideal for bird watchers looking to pass time as they discover birds of the Limpopo province. At the main Lodge the Hooligan Bar awaits you where you can enjoy sports shows and drinks while mingling with other holidaymakers. You can laze around the heated pool while Africa’s bushveld breeze caresses your skin. Take a breath of fresh air in the lush land of Limpopo where you can delight in a bush retreat at Koro-Koro Lodge. Bring your bicycle and explore the Bushveld. Once you have experienced our superb hospitality, you will keep coming back, time and again.
Welcome to Koro-Koro Safari Lodge